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Most people aren’t sure what to make of the beetroot. Is it a fruit or a vegetable? But that’s the simpler part.

At Userbeets, we will tell you everything you need to know about beets. This deep purple veggie isn’t just attractive for its color; it packs a mean punch when it comes to safeguarding your heart and overall health.

Not everyone has access to fresh beetroots straight from the farm. You’re probably very busy right in the middle of the city. Like many other organic products packaged as supplements, beets come in various forms for the modern day millennial. Whether you prefer your beets as a powder, juice or crystal, our job is to tell you where you can find it and the details of each product.

Did you know beetroots supply enough energy to your body for strength training and endurance performances? Rich in multiple minerals, vitamins, and fiber, you energize and detoxify at the same time! However you wish to take them, beets are great for your heart; improving blood circulation while fighting blood pressure, your liver, blood sugar, and your digestion.

So, whether you swim, run, jog, cycle or are simply looking to stay healthy on a natural diet, this blog is for you. We will explore the different beet products out here and keep you posted on our healthiest and safest picks. Don’t just go with the popular brands, we’ve done the research, and we will keep you informed on other ingredients – good and bad!