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Amazing Grass Review – What’s Grass Got to Do with It?

Considering how I have green supplements on my radar, it was inevitable that Amazing Grass products would be on my list. After trying out one of their popular powders, I wrote this Amazing Grass review for anyone interested in their Green Superfood.

A decade ago, if you told me that I would be all about fitness and healthy eating, I’d probably smack you in the back of your head with whatever greasy food I’d be munching on at the time. Long story short, I was obese, and a simple trip to the bathroom took far too much of my energy than I was willing to exert. Eventually, I knew I had to make some changes.

It all started with a trip to the doctor for some palpitations that had gotten to an uncomfortable level. After a series of tests, the life-changing verdict was made. I had to change my lifestyle and eating habits; else I was a meal away from a possible death and terrifying, I know!

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A little over ten years now, and it’s pretty hard for some of my old friends to recognize me. After losing about thirty kilos, I can’t really blame them. I look (and feel) like a whole new person. If I knew how much positivity a healthy lifestyle could impact on my life, I’d have started the changes much earlier.

That’s how I learned some more about dietary supplements. On my new path, I was always looking for healthy ways to supplement my diet. Though I try my best to minimize nutrient-loss while cooking, it’s inevitable that we lose significant nutrition in the kitchen – and we can’t always eat raw food.

I’ve had awesome dietary supplements, and some that I wish could be erased from existence! Luckily, my overall experience hasn’t been so terrible. When I discovered Amazing Grass, I hadn’t tried out a grass-based product before, and I figured it was time I did.

Product: Amazing Grass

Category: Supplement
Form: Powder
Weight: 17 Oz
Company: Amazing Grass

Review of the AG Superfood

amazing grass green superfood review

From the thousands of positive reviews I’ve seen with Amazing Grass Green Superfood, I decided to do some further digging. I went over to the website to see what the company was all about. They also have a popular protein supplement to offer and something for the kids as well!

About Amazing Grass

Amazing Grass seems like a family affair, complete with the family farm passed down over three generations. The secret? Practicing lots of patience with slow growth and ensuring they only harvest at peak nutrition.

The company has been around for over 15 years and has grown to partner with similarly-minded farmers, and maintain production of high-quality plant-based products. The plants are fully organic (very nutrient rich) and Non-GMO. The grass is dehydrated before pressing into pellets, storing, freezing, and eventually fine grinding – all this helps to preserve the nutrients!

Amazing Grass Green Superfood

The Amazing Grass Green Superfood is among the original Amazing Grass greens; there are many more you can choose from now, like the Amazing Trio or the Organic Kale powder. Some are energy or immune-based, while others are for cleansing and detox. You get to choose!

The Green Superfood packs a mean punch with the ingredients. First, you get vitamins A, C, and K, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, and Iron. Then there are the Green Food, Antioxidant, Fiber, and Digestive blends which contain an array of more ingredients that offer more nutrients.

Some of the contents in the Green Food blend are Organic Wheatgrass and Barley grass alongside Spirulina, Chlorella, and alfalfa. There’s Rosehip, Beetroot, Maca root, Pineapple, Green tea, and more in the Antioxidant blend. There are Flaxseed and Apple pectin in the Fiber Blend and a couple of probiotics in the Digestive Blend.

My Results

I’m not sure whether this powder is to thank for the improvement in my joints, but I’m sure the overall wellness I feel is from this supplement. I’ve had superb energy throughout, no crashing, and a feeling of balance in my body! I had to play around with the number of scoops (between one and three) before I settled for one and a half.


  • A wide variety of organic ingredients and choice for green product
  • You can add in your water, smoothies or juice
  • No artificial flavors or colors



I saw an Amazing Grass review that had a lot to say about the taste, but I didn’t find it as offensive as the review made me expect. If you find the taste unpleasant, you can mix the powder with juice or smoothies instead of water.

FAQ Section

Is Amazing Grass really good for you?

Most of the ingredients in Amazing Grass are greens that are rich in antioxidants that can slow down the aging process, boost immunity, and minimize the risks for heart diseases and cancer. Other contents like the fiber and probiotics can improve the absorption of nutrients and digestion while fighting inflammation.

Is Amazing Grass Green Superfood a meal replacement? 

Amazing Grass is a great plant-based supplement full of fruits, vegetables, grass, probiotics, and other antioxidant-rich foods that can help maximize the nutrients that you consume. However, the product works best as a supplement that cannot replace whole foods and fresh organic greens.

How do you drink Amazing Grass Green Superfood?

The Amazing Grass Original Green Superfood is a powder packed with a potent blend of multiple phytonutrient-rich greens, enzymes, and probiotics. The recommended use is one scoop each day in at least 8 oz of water or a juice or smoothie of your choice.

Is Amazing Grass safe while breastfeeding?

According to Amazing Grass, most of their wheatgrass is considered similar to green leafy vegetable nutrition and safe (and great) to consume while breastfeeding or pregnant. Though the Amazing Grass products are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding moms, the company recommends consulting with a doctor before consuming.

Is Amazing Grass dairy-free?

According to the ingredients listed in the product, the Amazing Grass Green Superfood is dairy-free. Also, it is non-GMO, gluten-free (the grass does not contain seeds), soy-free, and vegan.

Antler Farms Review– Does It Improve Your Build?

Antler farms has been around for some years, but one of their products seems to be the life of the party. This Antler Farms review is all about Deer Antler Velvet extract and what it can do for you.

I remember getting into the fitness world, and it was tumultuous. Not only was it tough dropping the unhealthy diet and lifestyle I had developed over the years, but I also had to plan my new balanced diet and supplements from scratch. Luckily, it all paid off.

If you’re new to all this or simply trying to make your mind up about what to pick, I know the struggle. My suggestion? Talk to your doctor, dietician, and fitness coach so you can pinpoint the best of everything that can benefit your body. That’s always a great idea to rule out any issues that any health expert could miss!

Today, it’s all about Deer Antler Velvet. Never heard of it? Then it’s about time you did. Antler Velvet is obtained from the antlers of live moose, deer, elk or caribou, and made into a supplement for your benefit.

Experts remove the antlers from the animal before they can solidify into solid bone. But don’t worry; no harm comes to the animals during the harvesting of the velvet. According to studies, athletes have used deer antler velvet for hundreds of years.

Antler Farms created their own deer antler velvet extract which they claim is unique from any other in the market right now, and that’s what we’re here for. After the go-ahead from my dietician and doctor (I always value their opinion!), I had my own Deer Antler extract experience, and I’ll tell you what you need to know.

Product Deer Antler Velvet Extract
Supplement Form Liquid
Weight 2 oz
Company Antler Farms
Check Price

Antler Farms Review

Antler farms

I’ve had a couple of questions regarding deer antler velvet and the role it plays in the athletic world. I always explain the best way I can (and point out the importance of knowing how well-suited a product is for you!). But it wasn’t until I got multiple questions regarding Deer Antler Velvet from Antler Farms that I decided to do a thorough investigation.

As far as I knew, there were a couple of athletes and fitness gurus who swore by Deer Antler Velvet. Understandably, it’s easy to try something simply because someone praises it. I was curious to see if I could uncover any unmentioned disadvantages.

About Antler Farms

Antler Farms is in New Zealand, and the company produces dietary supplements for consumers interested in health, sports, and fitness. Their products have a global reach; mainly because they distribute their goodies through their center in America, and have gained lots of fans this way. You can find supplements like beetroot, whey protein, collagen, and more.

One reason I was interested in Antler Farms’ Deer Antler Velvet was the source. New Zealand is pretty strict on safety in food products. Add that to the fact that Antler Farms raises their red deer and use special deer velvet extraction processes, and you have quality Deer Antler extract.

Deer Antler Velvet Extract

Antler velvet is popular for the nutritive content. With Antler Farms, special care is taken in extraction and procession to ensure you get all the nutrients from their Deer Antler Velvet. The 75:1 extraction ratio ensures you get a highly concentrated product for your benefit.

The ingredients in Antler Farms’ Deer Antler Velvet extract consist of a 13-growth factor matrix. Together, they can encourage cellular growth, differentiation, healing, and proliferation. In sports, deer antler velvet extract can boost muscle growth, endurance, recovery, aid in joint health, fight inflammation and fatigue, reduce blood pressure, and improve overall wellbeing.

My Results

I can’t be certain that the Deer Antler Velvet extract helped in repairing injuries, maintaining strong bones or minimizing aging signs. However, I am certain that I felt an energy change when I started on the supplement. I could push myself a bit harder when working out, and I definitely attained some more build than before!


  • Natural supplement for muscle gain
  • As an extract, it is more concentrated than most deer antler velvet powders
  • Liposomal technology to ensure a high absorption rate


  • IGF-1 use is banned by the World Doping Agency (but the quantities in this product are small)
  • Expensive


Unlike many promotional reviews, I can’t fail to shed some truth in this Antler Farms review. At the price the product is retailing for, I think you can find cheaper and effective workout supplements – whose regulation you won’t even have to worry about if you’re into serious athletics.

All that aside, watch here how you can prepare a home-made pre-workout drink.

FAQ Section

Is deer antler velvet a steroid?

Deer antler velvet is natural, unlike anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids are synthetic creations of a lab while deer antler velvet is particularly beneficial from the IGF-1 it holds.

What does deer antler do for your body?

Deer antler velvet can promote muscle mass by encouraging the development of lean and healthy skeletal muscles. IGF-1 in Deer Antler Velvet is the main component that causes muscle increase.

Does deer antler velvet help build muscle?

Many researchers, consumers, and fitness enthusiasts claim that deer antler velvet can build muscle. It allegedly does so by increasing your IGF-1 levels – which supports muscle mass.

Does deer antler velvet boost testosterone?

From modern research, it may increase testosterone and ease conditions connected to aging. Deer antler velvet mostly affects the estrogen hormone – estradiol.

Is deer antler velvet legal?

On its own, deer antler velvet isn’t a banned product in any sport. However, deer antler velvet naturally contains IGF-1 which is a banned substance in sport.

AltRed Review – Is This What Every Athlete Needs?

While many bodybuilders and fitness buffs have their accustomed pre and post-workout formulas, there’s no harm in trying out a new product with lots of potential. This AltRed review will tell you all about a different type of phytonutrient formula.

Ever since I got into fitness, I have to watch every meal I eat and the activities I do more carefully. For most, that may sound like an arduous task – keeping up with restrictions on lots of ‘fun’ things. Luckily, I love my life, and I found that these restrictions have really helped open my eyes to a lot of things; especially making my health a priority.

That is how I ended up an athlete. I can keep up with strict diets and workout regimes and not break too much of a sweat. Besides, I love the competition and the thrill that comes with pushing my body towards the finish line; not forgetting that it keeps me in top shape! Diets and workouts aside, supplements have been an interesting addition to my arsenal.

Most people in the athlete and fitness world prefer to stick to their old formulas and supplements. Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing wrong with keeping it safe and familiar – except you may miss out on new supplements that could give you the extra boost you need. You don’t have to go extreme and risky because there are plenty of new formulas that are genuine and great for consumption.

I started taking beetroot supplements years back, and I found that they helped me during my exercises. That’s how I ended up constantly on the lookout for similar products. Once you understand your checklist for new formulas, you can get something that fits your every need.

If beetroot products are something you are interested in to up your workout game, I wrote this AltRed review to tell what I discovered when I started using it.

Product AltRed
Supplement Form Pills
Weight 2.4 Ounces
Company Sur
Check Price


AltRed Review

AltRed review

Sure, the market is full of all types of supplements that promise to fulfill all your workout needs. But they aren’t all good, and as a professional athlete you probably already know that. However, I can tell you that beet supplements have something unique to them.

AltRed, particularly, is quite special and innovative. I loved that it is plant-based since I try to go as natural as possible. Whether the product will work for you or not, that will depend on your preference and your body’s reception.

About Sur

Think of a family of farmers that comes from seven generations of farmers, and you have Jeff Van Drunen’s family. Together, they spent decades researching and developing multiple natural ingredients that could improve your health. That is how the Sur Company was born.

As an ardent cyclist and hiker, Jeff was interested in natural chemicals and phytonutrients that would support his performance. The potential in plant-based supplements is huge, and Sur is all about using it for physiological benefits – and cleanly at that.

AltRed Supplement

Beetroots are rich in betalains, and that’s what AltRed maximizes on. Betalains are responsible for the purple/red/deep pink color you see in beets. Betalains can also minimize the inflammation you experience after strenuous exercise.

Through a patented process, Sur isolates the betalains and offers them in a more concentrated form (25%) for your convenience. From the company’s clinical studies, using AltRed improved athletes’ performance and recovery. The capsules can increase power, efficiency, and reduce muscle damage. Is it possible to gain all this?

My Results

The directions on taking the pills were a bit different than many other supplements. With AltRed, you take one pill every day on your off days. For training lasting two hours, take one pill two hours before a workout.

If you are going for 2-4 hours of training, take one capsule two hours before the workout and another at the start of your workout. For over four hours of training, take one pill two hours before a workout, one pill at the start of your workout, and one every two hours of working out.

I began taking AltRed on my off days before moving the intake to my training. A few days into the capsules, I felt an energy surge that slightly improved my mileage. I also felt a change in my recovery when I noticed I could train some more day after day. It was impressive.


  • NSF Certified (for sports)
  • Easy-to-swallow capsules
  • Plant-based and natural


  • Slightly expensive
  • Few AltRed reviews to compare


Before I complete this AltRed review, I’ll remind you that it’s always a good idea to seek medical opinion before consuming such supplements. For example, AltRed mainly targets professional athletes, so keep it safe than sorry!

Check out this video about how to build muscle.

FAQ Section

How do you use AltRed supplements?

The capsule intake depends on the amounts of hours you are training. For a few hours, take one pill two hours before your workout, and add one pill every two hours of training (the instructions come with the label).

What are AltRed ingredients?

The main ingredient in AltRed is beetroot extract with 25% betalains. Other contents include Gelatin, Carmin, and Organic Rice Fiber.

What are the betalains in AltRed?

Beets are rich in betalains, and AltRed contains beetroot extract with isolated betalains. Betalains can improve workout performance and recovery after.

Who is behind AltRed?

Jeff Van Drunen created the Sur Company alongside the family to create phytonutrient supplements with athletes in mind. So far, Sur only has AltRed as their top product.


Beetroot soup review – Is It Worth A Try?

If you are a huge beet fan, then you probably include beet soups in your recipes every once in a while. In this beetroot soup review, we’ll find out if there is an easier way to prepare the soup.

Beets – you either love them, or you hate them. Either way, you can’t deny the impressive nutritional punch these small roots hold. Back then when I was a kid, most people only valued beets for their color. The deep purple or red (from the betalains) works pretty well in salads, cakes, ice cream, and other desserts.

Right now, many beetroot juice or powder brands would have you thinking that beet benefits are a recent discovery; which is far from the truth. In ancient times, beets were famed for the nutritional components they held. Nothing has changed since then; we just didn’t think the beets had it in them the whole time!

So far, raw beets, beet juice, and beet powder have been taking the lead when it comes to the best ways to take your favorite purple vegetable. For most individuals on the go, beetroot supplements are quite a help since they are easy and convenient to use – you don’t have to worry about chopping up several beets and cleaning up the stains right after. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t cook your beets.

Roasting and baking are a popular and interesting way to cook your beets. They have an earthy but sweet taste, and that makes them delicious and easy to eat on their own – whether red, golden, or Chioggia. Since I like playing around with mine, I make beet soup once in a while.

As I stated earlier, preparing raw beets (peeling and chopping them up) can be a pretty messy affair.


Winiary Beetroot Soup
Supplement Form Powder
Weight 1.70 kg
Company Winiary
Check Price

Beetroot Soup Review

Winiary Instant Beetroot Soup reviewA typical borscht soup consists of beets, beef, and vegetables (especially cabbage). However, you don’t have to stick to the basic borscht rules; it’s all about what you like in your soup. You can test out your tastes with fermented beet juice or sautéed vegetables as well.

For the best results, your side dish often depends on how your beetroot soup turns out. I usually like my borscht robust and tangy so that I can accompany that with a simple dish like baked potatoes. I bought the Winiary beetroot soup to make my work easier and how it would turn out!

About Winiary

Back in 1947, Alfred Nowacki became the first owner of an unused brewery building in Winiary, and that was the beginning of the Winiary brand. Though Winiary received a couple of awards in 2002 to 2003 for their Mayonnaise products, it is interesting that they got a bad rep back in 98 for the bacteria salmonella found in their pulverized soups. However, no health concerns came up since the soups required boiling before consumption.

Now, Winiary is a part of the Nestlé Company and dabbles in seasoning, soups, sauces, mayonnaise, desserts, and other convenience foods. After doing some further research on the instant beetroot soup, I was ready to try it out.

Winiary Instant Beetroot Soup

Borscht soup is primarily an Eastern Europe meal, and knowing that Winiary Beet soup is Polish got me excited for the whole experience. According to Winiary, their products are equal with family and traditional home cooking; that means you can expect the same from the beet soup. Here’s a list of the ingredients in the Winiary soup:

  • Sugar
  • Beetroot Juice Concentrate
  • Salt
  • Flavour Enhancers
  • Hydrogenated Palm Fat
  • Citric Acid
  • Yeast Extract
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Flavorings (with Gluten)
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Black Pepper

My Results

From the instructions, I needed two teaspoons (or 10g) or the beet mix into boiling water – about 285 ml. I had to stir a lot to avoid leaving clumps behind, but the procedure was pretty simple.

Still, I think the salt content was a little high for my liking, but, overall, the soup was strong and delicious. It makes a warming drink for the chilly days, and an energy boost whenever I took it in the morning.


  • Convenient and easy to prepare
  • Delicious
  • Affordable


  • Milk, mustard, soy, egg, and celery allergen warnings
  • You may have to look for English instructions


I’ll be honest in my beetroot soup review – you’ll love it or you won’t. Either way, if you have no problem with beets, there’s no harm in trying this out. Check out how you to prepare beet soup at home.

FAQ Section

Is beetroot soup good for you?

Beets are rich in nitrates, fiber, potassium, folate, and vitamin C. They also contain other nutrients like calcium, iron, and manganese.

What does beetroot do to the body?

The different contents serve different functions in their body, but beets are mostly famed for their nitrate content. In your body, and under the right conditions, your body turns nitrates into nitric oxide for better blood circulation and energy boost.

What are the beetroot soup benefits?

Vitamin C supports immunity, Potassium aids in muscle and nerve health, and Manganese supports kidney, liver, bone, and pancreatic health. Fiber helps in digestion while nitrates can lower blood pressure and increase stamina.

What does beet or borscht soup taste like?

Borscht tastes like the usual veggie soup, but with lots of beetroots. Beets have a sweet and pleasant earthy taste; the rest will depend on the other vegetables you add to the soup.

Can you freeze beet/borscht soup?

After cooling your borscht, you can freeze it for up to two days. Leave about an inch of headspace in the containers you store the soup.

Vital reds vs Total restore-Do they work?

Vitamins and minerals extracted from the food you eat is what keeps you healthy and alive. Eating healthy food is a good thing but what happens when your body is unable to digest and extract all the nutrients from your food? This is where supplements come in. To help you better understand, here is a Vital reds vs Total restore supplements run down.

Is it true that for every illness out there there’s a plant that can help treat or even cure it? I have always been very keen about everything I eat. I want to make sure that everything I take is nutritious and will help better how my body looks and functions.

Save from common colds a couple of times in a year, I rarely get sick. But the past few months have been quite hectic. I have suffered fevers, dry coughs, headaches, skin rashes diarrhea, you name it. You could blame it on my hectic work schedules, or the sudden change in environment since I recently accepted a work transfer.

Visits to the doctor saw me take at least twenty pills spread across the entire day, every day for weeks. Now, conventional meds are great at helping quickly alleviate problems in the body but there’s always a price to pay. This price mostly comes in form of terrible side effects. This I learned the hard way.

Eventually, it was too much and I decided under my doctors’ advisement to use food instead to heal myself. He recommended that I also take supplements just to see how my body responds. Want to know what I found out? Here’s a comprehensive Vital reds vs Total restore supplements review.

But first, what are their major differences between vital reds and total restore

Supplement Vital reds Total restore
Categories Polyphenol blend, vitamin and mineral blend, digestive support blend, and metabolic enhancing blend. Total restore nutritional supplement
Ingredients Fruits, herbs, teas and roots Berries, fruits, vitamins and minerals
Functions Improve digestion, increase metabolism, enhance immunity and promote weight loss Restore and improve digestive system, increase energy, limit cravings
Check price Check price


Vital reds vs Total Restore- how do they differ?


With up to four blends, you’d be spoilt for choice trying to single out which supplement your body needs the most. Here you have the Polyphenol blend, the vitamin and mineral blend, the metabolic enhancing blend or the digestive support blend.

On the other hand, Total restore gives you one blend with all the ingredients needed to close all the gaps left through normal eating. This in order to guarantee you optimal health.


Ever wonder how so many different brands of supplements exist but yet they all seem to have a significant command from consumers? This is because they contain different sets of ingredients. Vital reds Polyphenol blend, for example, is made out of fruit and vegetable extracts. The metabolic blend carries extracts from cinnamon, turmeric, ginger root, bitter melon, black pepper fruit, white and green teas. The digestive blend is loaded with probiotics and the vitamin & mineral blend has various natural vitamins and minerals most of which have been derived from fruits and vegetables.

Total restores’ nutritional supplement ingredients include black pepper seeds, grape seed, cinnamon, wormwood, raspberry, elderberry, cranberry, blueberry, tart cherry, Maitake mushroom, marshmallows, vitamins and minerals


If you have had minor health issues here and there and you want to avoid having to take that many trips to the doctor, supplements are the way to go. All Vital reds supplement blends have the ability to increase your immunity, but what else can they do? The polyphenol blend is made to supply you with all the polyphenols and plant compounds needed for overall health. The metabolic blend contains fat burning ingredients essential for weight management and proper digestion.

Alternatively, Total restore is a supplement designed mostly for gut health. When you take this on a regular basis you will notice that you experience less gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea issues. Also, your food cravings will get weaker, you will feel more energized, and relief from joint and muscle pain.

Vital reds vs Total restore supplement reviews

Vital reds

Features and ingredients

vital reds ingredients

This supplement comes in form of a concentrated powder. It can be mixed along with your yogurt, fruit drinks, smoothies or plainwater. vital reds has a delicious berry flavor that makes it easy to drink regardless of how you have it. It helps boost your energy, give you healthy skin, improve digestion, promote weight loss, and enhance immunity among other benefits. The useful ingredients in all four blends include; essential vitamins and minerals, fruits, vegetables, black pepper, cinnamon and ginger root, to mention but a few.


  • Boosts energy
  • Increases rate of metabolism for increased digestion
  • Helps encourage weight loss
  • Gives you healthy, beautiful skin


  • It is not clear how much of each ingredient has been used inside one bottle. This means that there’s no way to tell whether the amount you are taking is enough for you.

Check price

Total restore

Features and ingredients

total resrore benefits

Owing to poor feeding habits or isolated health issues your gut can get easily overwhelmed. This often results into a condition known as ‘leaky gut’.Here, you may experience gas, bloating, constipation or diarrhea. Total restore is a supplement carefully crafted to correct leaky gut plus increase energy and control food cravings. The ingredients responsible for this include, black pepper seeds, grape seed, cinnamon, wormwood, raspberry, elderberry, cranberry, blueberry, tart cherry, Maitake mushroom, marshmallows, vitamins, and minerals.


  • Helps relieve muscle and joint pain
  • Boosts energy
  • Reduces food cravings
  • Helps alleviate leaky gut symptoms


  • This supplement comes in form of capsules which you must take three times a day. This may seem too cumbersome for some consumers.

Check price


Owing to the health issues I experienced, I experienced harsh side effects. My digestive tract was the most affected which is why I was looking for a supplement to help repair the problem and to restore health back into my gut. Out of these two, I had the best results and experience with Total restore nutritional supplement. It was quite easy on my system and I experienced no side effects. This Vital reds vs Total restore supplement review works as a guide to help you figure out which supplement works best according to your body’s demands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main ingredients used in vital reds supplements?

All four vital reds supplements blends have their own unique ingredients. Some of the main ingredients here include vitamins, minerals, fruits, vegetables, herbs, digestive enzymes, roots, and teas.

Will I experience any side effects after taking vital reds supplements?

Mild side effects include vomiting, diarrhea, stomach upsets, and flatulence. Serious side effects include iron deficiency owing to poor absorption of iron.

Is Total restore the right supplement for an expectant mother?

While there are numerous benefits in this supplement, it may fall short when it comes to expectant women. It is advisable to get supplements designed specifically for pregnant women in order to avoid getting too little or too much of certain vitamins and minerals.

How legitimate is vital reds as a supplement?

Vital reds supplements are made out of ingredients that are scientifically backed and proven to be immensely useful in the human body.

Does Total restore supplement work?

Yes. If you are looking for a supplement that will help alleviate any digestive issues you have, increase your energy levels and help you lose weight by limiting cravings, Total restore is a supplement that works for everyone.

Vital reds vs Superfood reds- Are they the same?

Powder supplements are said to be the best not only for general health but also for boosting energy. If you are taking supplements in order to reap their maximum benefits you need to be aware of what you are taking. So here’s closer look at them in this Vital reds vs Superfood reds supplement review.

When I was younger, I looked forward to that time late in the day when we would all gather around the dining table as a family. My siblings and I having come from school and my parents having just arrived home from work.

Each one of us had a new story we wanted to narrate to each other about how our day went as we ate dinner. For me, eating signified togetherness. It brought so much joy and still does to this day. Now that I am all grown up, I would rather eat while chatting with my friends and colleagues than eat by myself.

The problem with this is that I often end up eating more than I actually need. It is a habit that going by my increase in weight I may be forced to change. I have now realized that the food that my mom cooked and the meals I take at my favorite food joints are not the same.

I have just started on my gym membership and have also begun taking supplements to help boost my energy. Having tried a few of the many renowned supplements you’ve probably heard of I can authoritatively give my valid opinion. So here’s a comprehensive vital reds vs superfood reds supplement review.

What are their differences beween vital reds and superfood reds

Supplement Vital reds Superfood reds
Categories Polyphenol blend, vitamin and mineral blend, digestive support blend, and metabolic enhancing blend. Superfood reds with greens dietary supplement
Ingredients Fruits, herbs, teas, and roots Apples, Beetroot, berries, pomegranate, papaya, watermelon, plums, Aloe Vera, broccoli, kale, ginger root powder, and green tea leaf extract among others
Function Improve digestion, increase metabolism, enhance immunity and promote weight loss Better digestive function, energy boosting, increased brain function, heightens immunity
Check price Check price


Vital reds vs Superfood reds- what are their differences?


Vital reds supplements come in four different blends designed to play different roles depending on the needs of the consumer. These blends include Polyphenol blend, vitamin and mineral blend, digestive support blend, and metabolic enhancing blend.

Superfood reds has a single yet highly nutritious supplement capable of aligning issues and supporting the human system. Here you get the superfood reds with greens dietary supplement.


There are over 50 ingredients for you to choose from in all four blends by Vital reds supplements combined. In general, it includes fruits vegetables, herbs, and roots. But let’s take a closer look. The metabolic blend is infused with fat burning ingredients extracted from fruits, roots, teas, and vegetables. The digestive support blend probiotics extracted from fruits and vegetables, the polyphenol blend has polyphenols collected from a wide array of plants and finally the vitamin and mineral blend which contains vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables.

Superfood reds supplement, on the other hand, comes in powder form and contains extracts from ingredients like Apples, Beetroot, berries, pomegranate, papaya, watermelon, plums, Aloe Vera, broccoli, kale, ginger root powder, and green tea leaf extract among many others.


Supplements are best known for what they can do for a consumer. This is why you find that some people prefer one type of supplement while others prefer another. What sets one supplement apart from the other is how the ingredients inside are meant to benefit you.

Vital reds supplements are great for you if you are looking to eliminate digestive issues, lose weight, increase immunity and boost energy. Superfood reds supplement is great for you if what you want is to have better digestive function, boost energy, increase brain function, and heighten immunity among numerous other benefits.

Vital reds vs Superfood reds

Vital reds

Features and ingredients

Most if not all of the ingredients used in vital reds supplements are familiar to you. For example, green tea is an ingredient you take regularly to refresh and possibly detox. This is a deliberate move by the manufacturer to have consumers feel comfortable and confident that they are taking a supplement whose ingredients they readily consume on a daily basis. Vast research has been conducted on each one of the ingredients included in all four blends. The result proves that all these ingredients are incredibly beneficial to the human system.

Some of the benefits you gain by taking this supplement include, an increase in energy, eliminate irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, and other digestive issues, increase immunity levels, promote weight loss and among other benefits maintain health.


  • Contains no artificial sweeteners additives or GMO ingredients
  • Helps boost energy
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Improves digestion


  • While this supplement is incredibly beneficial, it is not clear how effective it is for weight loss.

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Superfood reds

Features and ingredients

Powder supplements

Capitalizing only on beneficial ingredients, there’s a lot that is in store for you if you choose to take this supplement. You will notice that it is predominantly red/maroon in color. This, thanks to the presence of beetroot powder as a primary ingredient. Beetroot is valued most by people who lead a very active lifestyle, at the gym or as athletes for example. Beets are very high in nitrates. This is turned into Nitric Oxide by the body and helps boost energy and stamina.

This combined with other ingredients like apples, Beetroot, berries, pomegranate, papaya, watermelon, plums, Aloe Vera, broccoli, kale, ginger root powder, and green tea leaf extract you not only have a workout supplement but an all-around supplement for the whole family.


  • Improves mental focus
  • Boosts energy and stamina
  • Boosts immunity
  • Improves digestion


  • Men and women need different amounts of supplements per day in order to benefit. It is not clear if the one scoop per day is enough or less than enough for all consumers.

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It is irrefutable that both of these supplements use rich ingredients to enable you to clear any deficiencies and meet demands within your system. Going by this vital reds vs Superfood reds review, I can confidently say that superfood reds is the dietary supplement to go for if you want complete nutrition and supplementation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can superfood reds with greens help me limit feelings of fatigue?

Superfood reds is infused with powerful ingredients that are incredibly beneficial. They not only help boost your energy levels but also help rejuvenate your muscles and organs to eliminate fatigue.

What type of organic foods are considered superfoods?

Foods that are highly nutritious and beneficial to the body are also labeled superfoods. Some of them include; garlic, barley, spirulina, wheatgrass, turmeric, blue-green algae, and beetroot among many others.

 What do I gain by taking superfood reds with greens supplement?

Supplements have antioxidants and flavonoids which in turn can have positive effects on your body and the way it functions. This supplements is designed to help increase your immunity levels, protect you from heart disease and cancer and reduce inflammation.

Does vital reds really work?

The key to having this supplement work for you is to take it regularly and to keep eating a balanced diet. You must eat enough fruits and vegetables in addition to your daily supplement.

What are the most active ingredients inside the vital reds supplement?

This supplement is divided into four different blends. They have ingredients such as fruits, roots, teas, and vegetables all which help increase the rate of metabolism, improve digestion increase immunity and enhance organ function.