Is it ok to eat beets everyday?

Beetroots are now a beloved superfood, and there is a move for more people to get on the bandwagon and rip the benefits. However, is it ok to eat beets everyday? Read on to find out.

Beets have been a thing ever since they became synonymous with superfood. Everyone one wants to harvest the benefits, though some are not entirely sure how much is enough. The question becomes, “Is it ok to eat beets everyday?” That is a legitimate question given that we all know that too much of something, no matter how good, can be problematic. As an athlete that has taken beets for the better part of seven years, here are some takeaways I can share with you.

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Is it ok to eat beets everyday    

eating beets eveyday

We begin with by answering this question because it is what currently plagues your mind. In my experience and of my colleagues, we found that it is okay to eat beets every day. We typically take about a cup of beets a day, and making enough juice to take in the morning and at night, depending on the day. We usually don’t take plain beets- it can get tiring very quick especially after taking it for so long.

What we do instead is add other fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season to the smoothie. We do the same for the salads and have mastered an extensive variety of ways to make beets and how to incorporate them in other foods to make them delicious. My research and my experience have come to show me about the benefits of beets.

What to expect when you eat beets daily

Beets are indeed packed with a lot of nutrients fantastic for your body. They contain vitamin A, B6 and C, phosphorus, iron, manganese, calcium, and potassium. Beetroots also contain folic acid which aids in preventing congenital disabilities inunborn children. There are some aspects I have come to benefit from when it comes to beets visibly, and that’s from the fiber content. It is an excellent source which helps the body absorb nutrients and streamlines digestion.

Beeturia: What is it?

If you’re getting into beets, there is one thing you should know. They cause can a harmless condition called beeturia. That is when your urine and stool contain a red hue due to the betalain pigment in the beets. Only a small number of the population always gets it when they eat beets.

However, if you are healthy, you get beeturia the first day or two of taking it. For some, it is more, but as you continue taking it, that condition goes away. If after a few days you still have beeturia, head over to a doctor to see to ensure all is well. Though I don’t get them all the time, I find that on days where I take them raw or in large quantities, the chances of reddish urine or stool increase.

Feeling full for longer

The fiber in the beets keeps me full. However,too much beetroot side effects are not uncommon. Depending on how much I ate or how fast I ate them, I can end up getting bloated. When I add other ingredients either in a smoothie, salad or stew, I find that I don’t have to go for seconds. What I see is you have to find a balance with beets; otherwise it makes training a lot harder. Bloating goes hand in hand with flatulence sometimes, and that’s not fair for my colleagues especially in an enclosed area.

Improved performance

The reason I began taking beets was due to preliminary studies about their ability to improve performance. There have been additional studies since then showing that I am not merely experiencing a placebo effect during my workouts. What causes enhanced performance is the nitrate in the beets that convert to nitric oxide upon digestion. They relax one’s blood vessels and increase blood flow, as well as lowering the blood pressure. That means that more oxygen gets around the body. I find that I can work out for longer than when I skip out on taking beetroot for a few days.

Final thoughts

If you are yet to start eating beets, then I suggest that you join the bandwagonfor its benefits. Having answered the question is it ok to eat beets everyday, I find that there is no reason for you to hold any longer than you have to. However, I do recommend that you see a doctor first if you have underlying health issues to avoid having too much beetroot side effects occurring. Once cleared, you are free to enjoy beets in many ways.

People also ask

How much beet juice should I take before a workout?

500ml is about the right amount to take two to three hours before a workout.

Are there side effects to eating beets daily?

Bodies are different and will thus respond differently to foods. There is however some established side effects of taking beets. If you suspect you have a problem stop taking beets and see a doctor immediately.

Can you eat too many pickled beets?

Pickled beets still contain most of the nutritional value of fresh beets. However, they tend to be problematic due to the high sodium content that comes with pickling. Eat in moderation.

How mostly gets beeturia?

About only 10 to 12 percent of the population gets beeturia, and as much as 80 percent suffer from iron deficiency.


A diet guru by day and an avid reader by night, Tim is a nutritionist based in the beautiful city of Ottawa, Canada. He loves everything to do with health and believes going the natural and organic way is a necessity. When not busy disapproving of people’s diet choices, you can find him taking online classes for this and that while waiting for his cheat day. Tim also loves white sandy beaches, swimming (anything aquatic, really), long drives to the countryside, and travels to new cities and states. He also loves DIY projects and checking out new restaurants with his girlfriend.

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