Why do people cry for no apparent reason

What causes sudden crying that you don't have an explanation for?When you have an obvious reason to cry - this is a normal consequence of your emotional state at the moment. Sometimes, however, the crying starts for no apparent reason. Such outbreaks of lability they start to repeat themselves more often and become more inexplicable and sudden. Then you need to ask yourself where this crying came from. Is this normal? What can it be? 5 reasons for sudden unexplained crying.Hormones.In the days around the female cycle, hormones are raging. Estrogen and progesterone levels are constantly changing throughout the month, and around the beginning of the cycle, they are in the phase that most affects emotions. Women experience stress, anxiety, and are easily offended by every word. At such moments, it's easy to burst into tears at the slightest provocation. These episodes can get worse if the cycle is heavy and premenstrual syndrome is difficult to tolerate, accompanied by a number of symptoms that make you even more nervous.7 signs of low self-esteem.Depression.People who are depressed for some reason are not always they are aware of their condition. We often use depression as a nickname for a bad mood, but it's not that simple. This condition occurs when the happiness centers in the brain are suppressed and the hormones of happiness are secreted. If a person becomes depressed without realizing it, sudden bursts of crying may occur.Very a lot of stress.We are exposed to high levels of stress every day. It affects almost everyone without exception. The difference is only in the feeling and endurance of stress, the duration of its impact, and the individual characteristics of a person. If you are under a lot of stress that lasts too long or it is sudden, but very strong for you, this can be the basis for unblocking episodes of sudden crying that you can not explain.11 signs that you are under constant stress.Anxiety.When you are in a state of anxiety, panic attacks and constant worry can be your constant companion in your daily life. This tension builds up and affects too much. There is a constant restlessness that keeps you prickly, makes you restless. You become even more sensitive than you are, and may sometimes Cry from exhaustion or even just boredom. It's not about him. Sometimes it's about something - a quarrel, a problem at work, a date, a pleasant visit. It's hard to explain, but this is a normal reaction of a person who is under constant stress.10 things healthy people do in the morning.Anger.Tension and anger are the main enemies of any person on the inside. When there is no apparent reason to be angry, even if it's about a person, it can be tempting. However, when you react with anger and other negative emotions, you create the impression that you're