Coffee and all its secrets

picturesThis most popular drink, in our time, has a "dark side". Its healthy side is proven by the vast number of people who drink coffee. Everyone has different ways of life. Some people prefer to work from home, some are used to it and even live in it. therefore, it is quite possible that you can find yourself driving down the street, have a coffee or two on the coffee table, which means the conversation will not leave your pocket. - Coffee, in everyday life, means many different things to different people. There are those who prefer to work from a PC, some work from a smartphone, while others find it difficult to concentrate on one at a time.Fortunately, it is possible to find a balance between these two types of coffee. It is important to know that, in addition to the "positive" side, there are also " negative " and " aggressive " aspects.Negative energy balance " means that after drinking a Cup of coffee, you need to go to the toilet very quickly and wash your face. It is important to use extreme caution when using this drink.The " positive " side of coffee is that it is perfectly balanced in terms of caffeine and harmfully affects the cardiovascular system. In addition, it is a great treat for the stomach.If you are a drinker, and not just a decoction of coffee grounds, then all the benefits are negated. The most important thing is to know that, for example, half of a Cup of coffee contains about 3 cups of ground coffee. That is,, in relation to the composition of the drink, it is no less than its calories.It is worth noting that, although this drink is claimed to contain more caffeine than black tea, it is significantly less.It is also worth knowing that, in addition to caffeine, coffee contains methylxanthines, which can contribute to the formation of hypertension. That is, under certain circumstances, they can lead to a violation of the balance of blood sugar in the body, which, in turn, can lead to weight gain.This is not to mention the harmful content of the various additives, syrups, creams, and masks that are offered. Under certain conditions, even very high-calorie foods can prove to be very harmful. herbal teas and mint.Tea, of course, is the undisputed winner. But it should be remembered that it is always better to drink black or green tea. It has a specific pleasant taste, so it should be brewed not only in the morning, but also in the evening. And, of course, the composition of tea itself is wonderful.It is worth adding that, for some people, coffee is as healthy as it is dangerous. This should be taken into account, that is, it is better to drink plain water, without any additives. It is also worth knowing that