Patriot greens vs Athletic greens-which one works?

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To live healthy is to help your body survive. You survive diseases, you live longer, you think better and so on. With the help of healthy food, you will get there, but in addition to dietary supplements, you will get there faster. So here’s a detailed Patriotgreens vs Athletic greens review to help you learn more.

When there’s a fast food outlet on every corner of the street, carbonated drinks readily available and increased levels of pollution, you are left wondering how safe you really are. As a result of unhealthy feeding, the number of people declared obese is ever on the rise. Carbonated drinks harbor chemicals that have been linked to cancer. Out of nowhere, people are falling ill and dropping dead with no sure diagnosis. But what if contaminated water, poor air quality or pollution is to blame?

Few ever think about how they can help their body function better and stay healthy for longer. It is always about meeting targets at the board room, making ends meet and managing to lift heavier weights at the gym.

I think that it is very important to be able to listen to your body. This way you are aware of issues long before they become serious and you are also able to address them on time. In a bid to take control and choose better for my body I have made supplements my lifestyle.

For me, it is not just about health but about giving my body a break.This way my system is not working overtime, all the time. Want to know my two top supplements? Here’s a Patriot greens vs Athletic greens in-depth review.

But first what are the main differences between patriot greens and athletic greens

Supplements Patriot greens Athletic greens
Categories Patriot power greens nutritional supplement Dairy free probiotics, raw superfood complex, Digestive enzyme, and super mushroom complex and natural extracts herbs and antioxidants blend
Ingredients Fruits and vegetables Herbs, digestive enzymes, roots, mushrooms, grasses and so on
Functions Improved stress response, improved liver health, and heightens immunity. Increases immunity, lowers blood pressure and lowers cholesterol
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Patriot greens vs Athletic greens- what are their main differences?


It is not unfamiliar to see men and women at the gyms, in the office or even at home sipping on some green juice. This is usually all in the name of good health. It can be cumbersome to make your green juice from scratch every day. Plus you may be unaware of what ingredients to use to make your juice even more nutritious. Well, Patriot greens and athletic greens have come to rid you of all uncertainties and inconveniences.

On one hand, you only have the Patriot power greens nutritional supplement. On the other hand, there are four main athletic greens supplements. They include Dairy-free probiotics, raw superfood complex, Digestive enzyme, and super mushroom complex and natural extracts herbs and antioxidants blend


When you look at it, both of these supplements look green. But what ingredients are inside? Patriot greens contains ingredients like cranberry, goji, spirulina, prunes, orange, beets, inulin, spinach, pomegranate, apple, enzymes, blueberry, passionfruit, raspberry and many more.

Alternatively, all four blends from athletic greens combined carry ingredients like; mushrooms, goji, astragalus, grasses, ginger, Rhodiola, probiotics, green tea, milk thistle, roots, and herbs.

 Function/ benefits

With up to 38 different fruits and vegetables, 10 probiotics and 7 digestive enzymes you are guaranteed of a ton of benefits when you take patriot greens supplement. Designed essentially to grant you gastrointestinal health, you also benefit by having improved stress response, improved liver health, and heightened immunity.

Athletic greens has more variety with up to 75 ingredients in total. Which makes sense, given that there are at least four major blends. The diversity in the ingredients used here is what many green juice consumers look for. This because it holds numerous benefits likeincreasing immunity, lowers blood pressure and lowers cholesterol.

Patriot greens vs Athletic greens reviews

Patriot greens

Patriot greens

Features and ingredients

This supplement looks to supply your system with billions of probiotics. It may have more fruits and vegetables as ingredients which is meant to bring a balance between you taking an ordinary supplement and you simply taking green juice supplement. Plus it is an indication that it may contain a higher amount of antioxidants. The combination of ingredients like cranberry, goji, spirulina, prunes, orange, beets, inulin, spinach, pomegranate, apple, enzymes, blueberry, passionfruit, raspberry mean you are at an advantage of experiencing lower indigestion issues,improved stress response, improved liver health, improved mental health and heightened immunity.


  • Increased immunity levels
  • Improved liver health
  • Lower indigestion issues
  • Has organic probiotic based and antioxidant-rich ingredients


  • There’s not much information on the package label about how much of each ingredient is present in this green supplement powder.

Athletic greens

Patriot greens vs Athletic greens

Features and ingredients

I was from the school of thought that green juices contained grasses and leafy greens only as ingredients. To my surprise, there’s so much more. Nothing proves this better than Athletic greens supplement. Here there are over 75 ingredients with a mixture of everything from mushrooms, goji, astragalus, grasses, ginger, Rhodiola, probiotics, green tea, milk thistle, roots, and herbs. All these ingredients are spread out in all four blends. If you take this supplement at least once per day, you stand to have increased immunity, lower blood pressure, lower stress levels,improved general health, and lower cholesterol levels among many other benefits.


  • Lowers your blood pressure
  • Regulates cholesterol levels
  • Helps reduce stress
  • Increases immunity


  • To avoid experiencing serious side effects consult first with your doctor before taking this supplement


Being very keen about what I take, I must say that it helps a great deal that Athletic greens are very transparent about the ingredients inside and the amount of each ingredient. This is not the case with Patriot greens where there’s very little relevant information made available. Ultimately both green powders have benefits in store for you going by this detailed Patriot greens vs Athletic greens supplements comparison.

Frequently asked questions

How healthy is patriot power greens for my liver?

If you take more than the recommended amount per day, you are at risk of getting liver damage as a side effect. Other side effects include nausea, stomach ache, flatulence, and dizziness.

How safe is patriot power greens supplement?

This supplement has natural ingredients only. It is therefore considered safe for human consumption provided you take no more than the recommended amount per day.

What are power greens are in patriot power greens supplement?

They include baby spinach, kale, carrots, green and red chard, and leafy greens among other known vegetables fruits and herbs.

Does the Athletic greens supplement really work?

This supplement uses organic ingredients only. These ingredients benefits to the human body have been studied rigorously. This is the basis on which this supplement is designed. In addition to countless positive reviews from consumers, it is, therefore, safe to say that this supplement really works.

How healthy are green drinks?

Provided your drink is made from plants, fruits, and vegetables like seaweed, digestive enzymes, vegetables, probiotics, and greens then it is healthy. Be sure to make your own green drinks or buy your green powder supplement from a reputable company.

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